Nitrogen Accumulator Canister

Nissan R32 Skyline Nitrogen Accumulator Canister

Other Names: ATTESA Nitrogen Accumulator Canister, ATTESA Nitrogen Torque Split Accumulator
Models: GTR, GTS4
Category: Part
Part Number: 41630

The nitrogen accumulator canister is a vital part of the R32 GTR and GTS4’s ATTESA AWD system. It is the black canister that contains nitrogen attached to the ATESSA assembly. It ensures the hydraulic fluid in the ATTESA system stays pressurized to minimize delay when torque is sent to the front wheels. It also helps supplement the pump in the ATTESA system which reduces the size of the pump and motor that are required.

The nitrogen accumulator canister can be thought of as an energy storage device in the ATTESA system. It stores potential energy from the pump during low demand. When the system sends torque to the front wheels it is the nitrogen accumulator canister that provides almost instantaneous energy that is released at a rate far greater than what could be supplied by the pump alone.

The canister is not intended to be refillable and should be completely replaced when it is at the end of it’s life. An empty canister typically is indicated when an audible relay clicking noise comes from the trunk, which indicates the pump is working harder then it should. Other symptoms of an empty nitrogen accumulator canister can be rear wheel spin or poor engagement of the AWD system.

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